About Silvia

The written word is able to communicate what the heart already knows. 

An object created by hand easily becomes a meaningful treasure. A heartfelt handcrafted card can be saved for years, tucked away and found decades later. We all remember, hearing about tied shoe boxes of lost love letters found by children and grandchildren in grandma’s attic; a time capsule to an earlier moment in time.  It’s the magic of love contained within the folded paper.

~Silvia Levy~

Handmade greeting cards and gifts exclusively created by artist Silvia Levy. Imaginative detailed metal accents adorn the captivating greeting cards and double as wearable jewelry. These charming art pieces can be worn as a pin or pendant. Deliberately created to be worn next to your heart! These exquisite greeting cards and keepsake gifts can be impressively presented and preserved in our desirable Treasure Case. All items sold only through this website and at the fine craft shows and events featured in this site.

Handmade Process